Global Trading Dispatch Review – Is John Thomas Program Good?

A System That Can Help You Take Advantage Of 60% Or More Of The Yearly Big Money Trades?  Sounds Like A Marketing Ploy, Don’t You Think….?

So, Global Dispatch Trader is working on the fact that you need to be in on the big money trades for it to be worth your while. And yes, we agree with their marketing that says that on an annual basis there’s probably only four global trading dispatch review 300x185 Global Trading Dispatch Reviewof five of these. But can there really be a system that’ll show you exactly how to spot, track and take advantage of these?

You’ll forgive our cynicism, I’m sure. But never let it be said that we don’t give these things a fair trial, so we put aside our doubts and dived headlong into Global Trading Dispatch and all it has to offer.

Our discoveries make for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Global Trading Dispatch?
Global Trading Dispatch is all about cashing in on the current “Risk On/Risk Off” strategies that are based on the actions of the world’s economic leaders. This trading and coaching program will show you just how to follow and profit from this.

Some of the strategies include the following:

  • Emerging Markets, Foreign Currencies and Junk Bonds – these rise when the risk switch flips to “risk on.” And on the flip side, when it switches to “risk off,” it’s time to get into a safe place, such as US Treasury bonds and the US dollar itself.
  • Selling Short – such as selling off your “risk on” assets when it’s “risk off” strategy time.
  • Knowing and Understanding the Potential Market Shifts – such as the “Obama Crash” that’s predicted for 2013, the war in Syria and the spread of the Global Recession and the impact on the Chinese Economy.
  • Getting the Timing Right – and knowing how to play the markets to hit these big trends at the correct time.
  • Not Having a Complicated Strategy – because if you consistently find those trades and trends that can shoot up by crazy amounts like 100, 400 or even 800%, you don’t need a complicated strategy. Global Trading Dispatch is all about keeping things as simple as possible, whilst cashing in on the biggest market moves along the way.

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Who is Global Trading Dispatch for?
What we like about Global Trading Dispatch is that it’s suitable for everyone. Not just the little guy on the street, but even those who trade the markets for a living. And you don’t need to have millions of dollars to join the Global Dispatch coaching program – because this is designed so that do-it-yourself investors can trade these very same markets, without having the obligatory 5 or 10 million buck investment fund to plough in to get started.

Who is John Thomas?
Known as “The Mad Hedge Fund Trader,” Mr. Tomas is probably most famous as being a survivor. Because there’s not many who can say they survived a stream of global financial disasters. These includeglobal trading dispatch Global Trading Dispatch Review the dotcom crash, the 2007/8 real estate crash and the commodities bull market in 2000 to name but a few.
Now virtually a legend in the trading world, John has an enormous following of loyal supporters who continue to make money thanks to his predictions and advice. These include those who follow his blog, as well as those who sign up to his much sought after trading programs such as Global Trading Dispatch. And with over four decades of experience trading with the big boys, it’s no wonder that his knowledge is in such demand.

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The Pros and Cons of Global Trading Dispatch

The Pros

  • This is a brand new and unique product. With Global Trading Dispatch coaching you get all the benefits of the wealthiest of hedge fund clients – without needing the extortionate capital up front.
  • There’s no complicated strategy trading here. It’s all based on what drives the markets right now in the 21st century – that “risk on/risk off” switch. And by understanding exactly what that means, the odds of you making serious money on your trades just went skywards.
  • You get all the benefits of the 40 years hedge fund trading knowledge of John Thomas, but as you’re placing the trades yourself, you don’t have to pay the hefty 20% commission he charges his big investors.
  • You literally trade side by side with John, as though you’re peeking over his shoulder as he plays his trades. This means you gain your own knowledge through the mentoring provided by the Global Trading Dispatch coaching program
  • You’ll learn exactly how to make money in upwards, downwards and sideways shifting markets.

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The Cons

  • Well, as in any trading game, there’s always a risk – no trading system can get you away from this. But as long as you stick to the rule that you should never trade more than you can afford to lose, you’ll remain in the safety zone.
  • If you’ve never traded in the hedge fund mentality before, then Global Trading Dispatch is going to be a steep learning curve to start with. But once you grasp exactly what it’s about, you’ll wonder why you’ve never managed to find out this information before.

The Bottom Line
Okay, Mr. John Thomas. We have to take our hat off to you, because we honestly didn’t think that Global Trading Dispatch was going to live up to the hype. But BOY, were we wrong, because this program rocks! And we especially like the innovative money back guarantee, whereby you can join up, attend the coaching sessions and webinars, place trades for 30 days. And if at the end of the month you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, all you need do is send John some screenshots of your trades (to prove that you’ve actually tried it), and he’ll refund 100% of your money – no questions asked.
And that, in our humble opinion, is pretty awesome!

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